Coffee Part 2

Yesterday was the big day that the UPS man was supposed to deliver my much anticipated coffee beans from Sweet Maria's. Every time I heard what sounded like a big truck nearby, I would peek to see if it was him. When I came home from the office I noticed that the UPS man had already come and gone, having left another package at my house that definitely was not my coffee beans. I couldn't believe it! I've been waiting for this delivery for what seems like forever and now it doesn't show up on the day it's supposed to. I emailed the company where I ordered the beans from and asked what the deal was. I needed my beans, and I needed them today. Then about 15 minutes later, I heard and then saw another UPS truck coming up my driveway. I bolted out the door and stood in front of the stopped truck, waiting like a kid who is about to open Christmas presents. When the delivery man stepped off the brown truck and handed me my precious 3-pound package of much anticipated goodness, I asked him if he had already come by here earlier today. I was ready to pardon him this one time for forgetting to deliver my beans the first time around, an act of kindness and grace that I am sure he would have welcomed. He looked at me kind of funny and told me that there are other trucks that deliver in the area and that he had not been near this location today. His was the second UPS truck to come to my house today. UPS didn't forget to deliver my beans on the day that they said they would. I was just a little too impatient.

There are sometimes when I'm glad that I'm wrong, such as was the case with the UPS truck. It reminds me of the times where I underestimate God and don't expect Him to "deliver" like He said that He would. If I was to keep a list of all that times that God let me down, my paper would still be blank. There are many people in the world who are skeptical about God and His ability to even be relevant in our world today. Many in the arena of science and academia are at the forefront of debunking the crebility, if not even the existence, of God. I was suspicious of the UPS delivery system because I didn't know how they operated. The same can be said about those who doubt the ability or existence of God. Trust can be hard to earn or give, but God is always worthy of it. For those who don't trust or believe in God, if they were to "taste and see that He is good" they would most definitely see that God is alive and relevant and is waiting to reveal Himself to them if they would only believe.

So, what coffee did I start with on my new journey? I roasted all of the ones that I recieved in the mail, but the one that I chose to grind and try this morning was Rwanda Gatare Grade A. I roasted the beans for 9+ minutes (past the second crack) and let them sit for 12 hours (which is almost too short but I just couldn't wait). There was a moderate amount of chaff when roasting and I tried to wait until it was in the range of a full city roast. I'm not very adept at determining all those intricate flavors when I sample a cup, but I do notice that it tastes similar to Ethiopian coffees that I have had before and it's not very acidy. Overall, a really good choice for my first cup of home-roasted coffee.

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