I didn't see that coming!

Man, what's up with this NCAA Final Four? Through the first 3 rounds of tournament play I was doing great. All of the teams I had picked for the Final Four were in the Sweet Sixteen and things were looking up for my brackets. Then, the bottom fell out. Boston College, Texas, and Connecticut (who I picked to win it all over Texas) were gone with only UCLA remaining from my paper brackets. Any chances I had at winning my ESPN pool are over. I didn't see any of this coming! Who is George Mason anyway? (make sure to vote in my updated poll!)

Even though my NCAA brackets are worthless now, I really can't complain. I like it when teams that I underestimate surprise me. Life can do that to me sometimes: My 3 year-old starts identifying letters that I haven't taught her yet; my 4 1/2 year-old starts teaching me how to use the computer. These things are pleasant surprises. But when I worry about paying a bill and suddenly a check arrives out of nowhere in the mail, or when a seemingly impossible situation suddenly has an answer, now that's a "God thing" and shouldn't come as a surprise at all. The way that God provides for us should never catch us off guard, but sometimes it does. When I am focused on Christ and am seeking Him fervently in my prayer and devotional life, I expect to see God show up. It's the times when I'm a little too focused on Sterling and what I've got going on in my own agenda, that's when I miss the ways He is moving. "How did that happen?" should never really be in my vocabulary when it comes to God. He is always faithful, always true, even when I'm not. I may underestimate a basketball team but I should never be found guilty of underestimating God.


Chris Griggs said...

George Mason has a record of 27-7. If they had scheduled a cupcake early in the season they could have been 28-6. Instead the played the Deacs and got beat.

Gabe said...


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