It's My Job

How many of you remember the controversy this past Christmas that began when several department stores instructed their empolyees to stop telling their customers, "Merry Christmas!"? I recall how upset the Christian community became and how much animosity there was toward those retailers. Just today I read a story about how a small Easter display was orderd to be removed from the lobby of city hall in St. Paul, Minnesota. Imagine the kind of reaction that the local government will likely incite from people all over the country.

I can remember a time when Christmas and Easter were celebrated everywhere and no one seemed to have a problem with it. Now, it seems as if nothing within the Christian faith is politically correct anymore. And you know what? That's okay!

You may be asking yourself why I'm not offended by those who wish to stop Christmas well-wishers and the Easter bunny. How come I'm not upset when retail stores and city hall refuse to point others to Jesus? I don't get upset because it's not their job to tell people about Jesus - it's mine. Sure, I wish that faith in Jesus was recognized and respected all across America, but it's not. I can't expect a clothing store or a government agency to promote the name of Jesus. It's my job, my responsibility, as a follower of Christ to let others know about Him. If the bag boy at the local grocery store doesn't tell me "Merry Christmas" then that's okay. What I am concerned about is whether or not I am pointing people to Jesus and the salvation that only He can bring.

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