Have you ever started a book and been unable to finish it? Or have you ever made a commitment to do something on a regular basis only to flounder miserably and fizzle out? I think I must be the king of inconsistency! I have several books lying around loaded with bookmarks and folded pages that are screaming for me to finish them. I know that probably drives some people nuts, especially when they are close to finishing a book, but I do it all too often.

I have found that this lack of consistency is all to common in my relationship with God. There's no way to count all of times that I have started a daily Bible reading plan or prayer time, only to wuss out and fall into inconsistency. When the lack of consistency knocks on my door, what I need is discipline to fend it off. I hate being wishy-washy with God, and I find that when I am inconsistent I am about as wishy-washy as I can get. But the times when I do remain consistent in my walk with Him, life is just so much sweeter. You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now, but I still struggle with being consistent. I am just glad that God is a lot more consistent with His love for me than I am with my obedience to Him.

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Neil said...

Amen Sterling...

The wednesday morning mens breakfast was the only consistant form of Bible study that I have ever stuck with for any length of time...(28 weeks). I learned so much and did feel so much better and closer to God.

I have to push myself to continue it. As in the morning, I am getting up to begin a new habit of quiet time. I'll keep you posted on how I do!

I'll surely have to brew some of your roasted coffee to enjoy over my Bible study.

Was great to catch up with you guys tonight. Thanks again for the beans...good stuff man.

God Speed

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