Unanswered questions

I was returning home from a Mute Math and Switchfoot concert last night when I noticed lightning in the distance. Growing up, we used to call this "heat lightning" and I always thought this was lightning that was caused by warm weather. It wasn't until I took an astronomy class in college that I realized there was no such thing as heat lightning; rather, what I was seeing was simply the lightning from a thunderstorm in the distance.

There are lots of things in this world that I don't understand. Being the kind of person that I am, this doesn't sit well with me. Just when I think I have the right kind of knowledge about something, then just like heat lightning I realize that I don't know all that I thought that I did. One area of life that causes me to scratch my head the most is about God. I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and I am in awe of His creation, power, and presence, yet there are times when I realize that I'm just not as in touch with God as I desire to be. A question will arise in my head or an incident will present itself, and I begin to question where God is in all of this. Is it okay to have questions in your faith? I think it's not only okay but it's important. If I never had a question about God or how He moves in this world, then I don't believe that I would be seeking after Him with all of my heart. Most of the things that I know about God I accept and believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are true. Yet there are those concepts that seem to boggle my mind and cause me to use my faith more than I am normally pressed to do. My hope is that I never become one of those guys who thinks he has God all "figured out." My prayer is that God will continue to reveal Himself to me and as He does so He will continue to grow and bolster my faith beyond what I can possibly conceive of on my own.

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Scott Schuyler said...

Hey Sterl: How was Mute Math and when is their album coming out? I have been waiting for a couple of years I think!

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