What worship sounds like

My wife and I are going to the David Crowder Band and Third Day concert tonight in Greensboro. We are both really excited to go if for nothing else than the worship experience that we know we will have. I know that there are all sorts of different definitions and opinions of what worship is or isn't, but to me worship is giving back to God all of the glory and honor that is due Him. And the way that I enjoy doing that the most is through music.

Yesterday I was returning from the grocery store with both of my girls when a song from Caedmon's Call by the name of "Be Merciful to Me" came on the radio. As I was listening to the words of this song and contemplating their meaning, I heard two sweet little voices singing along in the backseat. I was floored, not just because they knew the words of the song or even what they meant but because of the meaning of the words that my girls were singing: "From the garden to the cross / Thy mercy did endure / My soul purged from all dross / In blook made pure." I have to admit, I got misty-eyed hearing them sing these beautiful words of what Jesus has done for us. In that moment, I realized that I was in the midst of worship of my God.

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That was the best concert I have ever been to. You could tell how God was there and how everyone was feeling his presence. The expericence made me feel closer to God. Worshiping him with song to me is the best way to do it. I know I am not always that close to God but if I could be I might be a different person. I'm so glad we have such a loving God. To me Cry out to Jesus is my favorite song. It kind of tells that no matter what we should cry out to him and that he is always there. I love knowing that. Well I guess I head to church now. Thanks Sterling for all you have done for me.

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