Jesus isn't "Lost" (at least not completely)

I love the TV show "Lost." No other show on television has captured my attention or had me so anxious to see the next episode. I just started watching the show at the beginning of this season and I have already rented all of last year's episodes to keep up with what's already happened. The unpredictability mixed with what seems like the impossibility of each episode just keeps me coming back for more.

This may seem like a stretch to say this, but Jesus is somewhat like the "Lost" show. No, He's not stranded on some mysterious tropical island with all sorts of hatches everywhere and a group of "others" who are out to get Him. Rather, it's the unpredictability and the impossibility of Jesus that makes for a good comparison. Not many in Jesus' day gave Him much credibility when He claimed to be the Messiah and many even discounted the miracles that He performed even when they saw them with their own eyes. And talk about unpredictable! Jesus read from the Scriptures of Isaiah and claimed to be the fulfillment of prophecy (Luke 4:16-21); He ate with prostitutes and "sinners" instead of judging them; He confounded the religious teachers at every turn and caused them to be in awe at His words. With Jesus, you never know exactly what you are going to get and what you see might seem impossible.

But with Jesus, unlike "Lost" and the people stuck on the island, we know that He is good and He is not out to get us. His desire is not to divide us and turn us against each other as if He is performing some kind of divine experiment. Rather, He wants to reveal Himself to us in ways that we normally might not pay attention to. The kind words that heal a relationship; the encouragement that brightens the spirit; food given to someone who is hungry; acceptance and love of someone in spite of their lifestyle; in all these things we find Jesus. He's not hiding behind stained glass windows on Sunday waiting for us to come in to a building. Rather, He's active in the real world around us and is inviting us to join Him as He seeks more of the lost that they might find the hope and salvation that only He can bring.

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Gabe said...

Nice comparison man, thats actually one my and my girlfriend's favorite shows. Thanks for updating the blog.

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