Season finales

This week is the week where many popular television shows air their much anticipated season finales. "24", Lost, and American Idol are just a few of the shows that are culminating by weeks end. These last episodes are usually packed with excitement and often the viewer is left with some issues needing resolution that will have to wait until next season. For some, that wait can be almost excruciating.

What if Jesus was like that? What if He left you hanging at the end of a season, leaving you to wait a few months until you could see what He would do next? What if after the resurrection He didn't leave His followers any promises about what would happen next? How bad would that stink? But Jesus isn't like that. He told us in Matthew 28:20, "Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age." There was no season finale with a cliffhanger at the end, no exclusive look into next season's episodes. When Jesus ascended into heaven, He didn't tell us to wait until His next move. Instead, He told us that we were His next move. His desire is to live inside each one of us so that we can be Jesus to the rest of the world. Are you taking the season off from Him?

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