Man, is it ever raining at my house today. In fact, it's been coming down pretty often the past two days but his morning is what I would call a deluge. You may not be able to find it on any maps, but there is a river in my back yard - we call it the Griggs River. My family was heading to the beach this morning but we are going to wait until this afternoon for the rains to let up.

Earlier this year the meteorologists on the TV were bemoaning our dry conditions and the word drought was thrown around a lot. I wonder how this old drought is doing now? Isn't it funny that the news thrives on pessimism? First, they were almost gleeful of the dry conditions and now that we've been soaked they are almost giddy of the flooding that it's caused. That kind of reminds me of how Jesus and His conversations with the religious leaders regarding His ministry. The Pharisees got real mad at Jesus for healing people on the Sabbath (see Luke 13:10-17 & 14:1-6). Their point was that the Sabbath was too holy for healing. They could not accept that Jesus was healing the sick and disabled by the power of God, especially on "God's day." No matter what Jesus did, it was never good news to them.

Personally, I like all of the rain. I can only imagine how bad things could get if we didn't get any rain at all. I certainly don't want to be like the Pharisees of Jesus' day, seeing the cup as half empty all the time. That kind of stuff rubs off on people and I'd rather them see the joy and the hope that Jesus has brought to me than the negativity that I might be able to find in a situation. If people see too much negativity in God's children, then they'll do the same thing that they do to the negative news reports - they'll tune us out.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they have already tuned out your blog.

Kellie Griggs said...


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