When your cable TV goes out...

I am a big soccer fan and have been waiting for this year's World Cup for some time now. Other than the fact that our US team got waxed yesterday, I have enjoyed every moment of every game that I have been able to watch. This morning I was looking forward to watching the 8:55 a.m. game on ESPN2 so when the time rolled around clicked on the remote. Imagine my surprise when I saw nothing but fuzz on my TV.

I tried every TV in the house and the cable was out on all of them. The funny thing about this was that I have a cable modem on my computer and it was working just fine. So, I did what any disgruntled cable subscriber does - I called the cable company's customer support number and got a busy signal. Finally after about 27 tries I got through to an automated system that said there was no cable outage reported in my area. I did not let that litte bit of misinformation deter me. Having been on hold in the past for similar circumstances I pressed the zero on my keypad and was put in touch with a customer service representative. He was very nice and sympathized with my problem, but he regretted to inform me that there was a problem with the cable in my area and that crews were working on it as we speak. It didn't seem to bother him that I was missing World Cup soccer so I tried to not let that bother me either (I really was nice to him).

We all know the "evils" of too much television so when the cable goes off it's usually something that we can deal with. But when World Cup is on and the cable goes out, that in itself becomes a sort of mini-crisis. That helpless feeling is only magnified when you keep turning the TV back on to see if the cable has come back on yet, usually to find that it hasn't. As I write this, I have placed my complete trust in the cable company to fix the problem. Now, if I could trust in God with every issue in my life - including the ones that I am convinced I can fix myself - then perhaps I wouldn't find myself so spiritually out of sync at times. I'm pretty sure that God is a lot more reliable (and faster) than the cable guy.

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