It's good to reminisce

I just returned from the beach today with my wife and kids and the drive home always seems to take forever. Fortunately for us, we have a large selection of CD's to choose from to keep us occupied on the way. We do have a DVD player in our van but we seldom use it anymore, mainly because we've worn out the DVD's that we have and the kids are just used to us not playing them anymore. Sometimes the same old CD's can get a little bit old too and channel surfing becomes the music of choice. But today an older Jeremy Camp CD called Carried Me: The Worship Project found its way into our CD player and it took me back to the summer of 2004. That summer was a good summer for me - I took my students on some incredible mission trips and I had the chance to speak at a week-long youth camp that turned out to be incredible. That CD was in heavy rotation for me that summer and hearing it today brought back a boatload of good memories.

Those memories not only made me smile but they left me with an inner longing as well. It seems that during that summer my walk with the Lord was closer that it is now. As I listened to some of those familiar songs my heart ached to draw closer to the Father. It's good to reminisce about times in your life where you were much more in tune spiritually with God. This burst of nostalgia has caused me to be more passionate about my pursuit of Jesus and His desire for me to be a totally committed and unapologetically follower of Him. I hope that your reminiscing causes the same for you as well.

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