Thunder and lightning

We had some pretty rough storms blow through last night. The lightning and thunder were impressive and the rain never seemed to stop. Of course these storms came right after we got the girls into bed so they were more than a little bit nervous and scared at all of the noise.

Unable to reassure the girls that it was just some passing storms and our house wasn't going to blow down, I cuddled up with them in their beds and tried to calm them down so that they could sleep. At first I told them some funny stories that made them laugh but when a crack of thunder would shake the house it didn't make them feel any better. Knowing I had to switch tactics I decided to use this as a lesson about the weather. Now, I'm no meteorologist but I do know that thunder follows after the lightning, so I showed my two girls that they could anticipate a boom of thunder not long after they saw a flash of lightning. Sure enough they both became preoccupied with listening for the sound of the thunder once they saw the flash of lightning and before long the storm wasn't so scary any more.

Just as we can expect to hear thunder after see lighting, we know that God is near when troubles come into our lives. Whether you are in a relationship that is being strained or you are facing a difficult decision or you simply have blown it, God is right there waiting to reveal Himself to you just as soon as the situation flashes before you. You will never have to wonder if He'll show up to help you - He's already there and He's more than capable of calming your fears and giving you the direction you need. I think maybe that's why God designed storms the way that He did, so that we would never forget that He is always there with us when we need Him.

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