I love to see the students that I serve get excited about their ministry for Jesus. Just this past weekend they returned from a World Changers mission trip to Charleston, WV, and their excitement was overwhelming. Many shared testimonies on Sunday morning of how God and moved them and there are a few that are going to go back in a few weeks to continue some of the work that they started.

Often God has to move us away from where we are right now in order to show us what He desires for our lives. He did this to Moses and Joseph and Jesus repeated this with His disciples. All of us need a healthy dose of God's vision for our lives, yet when we are surrounded by the distractions of life we aren't often able to see much of anything. Mission trips and camps become wonderful channels that God is able to work through in order to communicate His desire for our lives. I am not suggesting that is the only time that He does this - but it's usually the only time that we let Him.

Whatever vision God has given to you, He has done so with a purpose in mind. The farther away we move from "mountain top" experiences in our lives the easier it is to lose sight of that vision. Keep in mind that God's purposes do not change and if He has revealed something to you or given you inspiration then it's because He's going to be there by your side as you carry it through to its completion. Let me urge each one of you to not lose sight of the vision that God has given to you. Rely solely on the Lord and let Him continue to show you the vision He has for your life.

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