As a sports fan (and a very loyal one at that) I enter into this time of year with great anticipation and expectation. Football is starting to crank up and basketball is right around the corner. Baseball is good but I don't follow it too heavily, although I will watch it if there is nothing else on (much to my wife's chagrin). If you have't figured it out by now, Wake Forest University is my team whether it be football or basketball and it doesn't really matter whether they are having a good season or not. I have always followed them and I always will.

The funny thing about following sports teams is that you will always have expectations for your team. Last year, Wake Forest had a bad year in basketball and nobody really expected that. It was hard to watch the games and I found myself really bothered that the team didn't meet my expectations. With football season about to begin, I have the same expectations of greatness and imagine Wake Forest winning the majority of their games. Even though I know some games seem virtually unwinnable, I still approach them with a certain level of confidence that my team can win.

I have to admit that my expectations about God aren't often as frequent or intense. I just assume that He'll show up and deliver in the clutch. The energy and anticipation that I burn while cheering for my favorite sports teams often dwarfs the effort I put into my relationship with God. My desire is to get caught up completely with God, anxiously awaiting His next move with the same level of expectation I have with a sports team. This year my goal is to click the power button on the remote before the game gets out of hand and channel all of that energy toward my Lord and Savior.

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