My grandmother died today. We called her Mee-maw and she lived a long and productive life for the Lord. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimers and although it never progressed to the point that it stole all of her mind, she still struggled with recognition of family members and other things. I was fortunate enough to go and see her this past Friday and I read her some Scripture and she tried to sing some songs with me. Before I left the nursing home, we prayed together and she was truly trying to pray with her head bowed and her eyes closed. I cried when I saw it, not because I pitied her but because I still saw in her the woman of faith that I grew up admiring. When her health was still good, my grandmother read 3 chapters from the Old Testament and 2 from the New Testament every morning. She prayed for me always, first that I would stop being such a bonehead and submit to Christ, then that I would find a godly wife, and then that I would have beautiful children. When we found out last year that we were pregnant with our third child, she told me with complete confidence that we were going to have a boy and that she had prayed about it. And yes, we had a son 2 months ago. It's hard to really know how to feel when someone you care about so much and who has struggled so long with an illness finally gets to go home to see the Lord. Am I sad? Yes, because I will miss her. But at the same time I am so happy for her. A few months ago she told me and my wife that she was ready to see Jesus and her husband in heaven. Well Mee-maw, today your wish is granted. I'll see you later.

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