Are you gonna blame...Darwin?

I ran across this article on the web the other day and had to reread it just to make sure that I was getting the facts straight. It seems like people may not be to blame after all if they are overweight. The International Congress on Obesity believes that there may be environmental and genetic contributors to obesity and therefore being overweight might not be your fault. Really? You mean, if I sit around without exercising and eating chips and snacks all day, it's not my fault if I'm fat? You mean, I'm not responsible?

There are some people who have medical conditions that lead to weight problems, but to say that the rest of us might be able to write off our weight problems to genetics is ridiculous at best. It's theories like this that are working to destroy the concept of personal responsibility. We see this in so many areas: people who sue tobacco companies after they get sick from smoking for 40 years, those who blame society for all their problems, even one robber who sued his victim because he got hurt on his porch while robbing his house! What are we thinking?

Simply put, we are responsible for our own behavior and actions. Galatians 6:7 says that we will reap what we sow; that is, our actions have consequences. Jesus came with compassion, love, and forgiveness yet He never looked beyond the element of human responsibilty in people. We simply can't blame the world when things go wrong with us. Instead, we need to take a close look at ourselves and find out how we can make ourselves better; trusting in God is the first step that we need to take. Once you trust your life to Christ and do your all to live for Him, then taking responsibility for your actions won't be such a stretch after all.

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