Conspiracy Theories

With the five-year observance of September 11, 2001, just recently passed, I stumbled across some interesting and sometimes disturbing beliefs that people have about what truly happened that day. Basically, there are many in our country that hold that 9-11 was nothing more than an elaborate plan implemented by our government. In other words, our government was behind the attacks on 9-11 and were responsible for the death and destruction on that day. Those who espouse these conspiracy theories base their beliefs on their own "common sense" and they believe that their point of view is easily believed with an open mind. Consider some of the reasons that they give:

The damage to the Pentagon was not consistent with the damage that a fully fueled 767 would have done and the surviving wreckage doesn't match the jet that crashed.

There has been no convincing video footage provided by the government that shows a plane hitting the Pentagon, even though such video is said to exist.

The Twin Towers of the WTC fell as if they were imploded by a demlition crew and many witnesses claimed that they heard (and even saw) several scattered explosions in the buildings just prior and during their collapse.

There were no human remains found at the field in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 crashed, suggesting that it was an empty plane that was crashed on purpose by the government.

Finally, many of those hijackers who have been implicated are said to be alive and well in the Middle East and have come forward to proclaim not only that they are alive but that they are innocent as well.

If there is a conspiracy then what justification would our government have to do such a thing? Could we actually believe that such things could have actually taken place by our own leaders? Do you believe it? While there are many questions left unanswered, I do not believe that my own government would commit such a heinous crime against its own people. The justification for doing so are nonexistent in my mind.

Why do we believe or have fascinations with conspiracy theories? I think it's because sometimes we get bored with the truth. Consider all of the stir around the DaVinci Code where Jesus reportedly had a wife and a lineage that survives to this day. So many have grasped that notion because it is so much more dramatic and sensational than to just believe that the biblical history. Some of the questions you must ask of yourself then are, "Do I believe what the Bible tells me about God, Jesus, and salvation? Could there be other, if not better, ways to believe in these things?"

There are plenty of conspiracy theories about the Christian faith: Salvation by works; Jesus wasn't really divine; the Bible is a book of allegory and fiction; etc. So what do you believe? I base my belief system not on what someone else has told me to believe or not to believe but rather upon the evidence. Men and women by the millions have died for their faith in Jesus. Early history screams of the credence of not only the Bible but also of the historical Jesus. The changed life that I have experienced by placing my trust in Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Perhaps the biggest conspiracy of all is what Jesus wants to with your life: He died to set you free from sin and to give you hope for eternal life. That's something that should get people talking.

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