You can't make this stuff up

Check out these crazy pictures:

Far right: A blob of dried chocolate that dribbled from a factory vat has been turned into a shrine - because workers believe it looks like the Virgin Mary!

Below left: Our Lady of the Underpass in Chicago that has
people flocking to pay homage to the likeness of the Virgin Mary
that has shown up underneath a highway bridge.

Left: Virgin Mary toast - supposedly a vision of the virgin Mary on a piece of toast that someone actually bought for $28,000 from an online auction!

It's amazing what some people will do to try and validate or add depth to their relationship with God. If you ever find me worshiping cheese bread or kissing a highway bridge, don't follow my example. Take me to get my head examined!

1 comment:

gabe said...

I will take you to get your head examined. The other day when I was talking to you and I told you about my whole scooter incident I finally realized something. I didn't rely on God at all during that situation, and I really hurt my witness to my neighborhood. I guess I was just being a bonehead, you should see the neighborhood I live in, I had a right to be scared, but not to handle it the way I did.

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