Is this offensive...or true?

There's a music artist that I used to listen to a lot in the past but haven't so much anymore. I'm not sure why. I like his music but I just haven't "gotten into it" like I used to. The artist's name is David Wilcox and he's more of a storyteller than a musician (although he is an unbelievably talented guitarist). On several of his earlier albums there many references to Jesus and to faith. I have seen him in concert a couple of times and he never really addresses his faith (or lack of it) but you sense that he has a good grasp of who Jesus is - or at least His teachings - and that there is a God who is sovereign.

Out of curiosity I visited his website today to refresh myself on his music. He has released a lot of albums over the last several years and I had the opportunity while doing my work to listen to some of his songs in the background. One song in particular made me stop in my tracks and listen. It is a song called "Good Man" from his newest album "Vista" and the words...well, they were biting. But not biting in a bad way necessarily because I believe that what he sings about is a dominant belief of many people in our culture. You will see in the lyrics of this song (which you can also listen to on his website) that David Wilcox also has a good grasp of those who call themselves Christians but aren't doing such a good job of following Christ and His teachings. Look especially at the last few verses where these "good men" for Jesus can be compared to the terrorist hijackers of Islam and then marinate on those words (he isn't equating Christianity with Isalm or saying that those who believe in the Bible are terrorists; he is saying that followers of Christ just as easily justify their assaults on others without shame). Are you offended or saddened?

Good Man (David Wilcox)

Let me apologize in advance
For the way my friend behaves
He'll pick a fight and take a holy stance
He's so proud that he's so saved

I hope you don't judge Jesus
By the things my friend will say
He holds a Bible like a dagger
And he twists it just that way

He just loves conversation - like a cat loves a bird
I guess he's always been a good man - in the worst sense of the word

The good knights went out to save the day
In the age of the crusades
A sharp sword on a tortured soul
They were sure the point was made
Any tool can be a weapon
If it's used with that intent
The devil's great at quoting scripture
And confusing what it meant

So all the evils done for Jesus - it is a history so absurd
But there will always be a good man - in the worst sense of the word

They 'jacked a plane to make a sneak attack
They were trained to die in flames
Their last words were to God above
Just to praise His holy name

For all the terror and destruction
They felt no sense of shame
You gotta wonder why religion
Can make people so insane

But their devotion was unquestioned - follow straight and never swerve
The devil always needs a good man - in the worst sense of the word

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