Just thinkin'

It's right at midnight and I should be in the bed sound asleep, but whenever my wife works nights I have trouble falling asleep. So, I usually sit at the computer and search all of my sports and news sites until I've learned everything there is to know about football and international affairs. I've also been thinking a lot about religion and "church stuff" lately and have raised a few personal questions as well as come to a few conclusions. You won't find these in theology books and they aren't exactly life-changing, but they do make you think (at least I thought about them):
  • Why do people say that they are trying to find God? Is He lost?
  • Do people who insist on organ music in their church services listen to organ music in their cars?
  • I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't listen to organ music.
  • I have an easier time falling asleep sitting straight up on a hard church pew than I do in my own bed.
  • Most of the pictures depicting Jesus on stained glass windows shows him as being a white European guy, not as a Jew from the Middle East.
  • The words "personal relationship with Jesus" don't appear in the Bible (not that they aren't true - it's just that we use the phrase as if it's biblical).
  • The most expensive part of the church building is the sanctuary and it's only used an average of 3 hours per week.
Chew on these and if you think of any others feel free to send them to me.

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