I went to the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem the last couple of days for one reason and one reason only: the food. I love the food at the fair. I honesty don't care how unhealthy it is or how high priced. Where else can you get a giant smoked turkey leg, elephant ear, London broil sandwich, and chocolate covered frozen banana without having to walk more than 100 feet?

If I could change anything about the food at the fair it would be to require the vendors to make 50 cent samples available. I would love to walk up, drop my two quarters, and have a nice-sized sample of several different foods. I usually fill up on a large sandwich and don't have room in my belly for anything more, but my nose and eyes are digging the rest of the food selection. But if samples were available, I could troll the fairgrounds eating at my leisure. That way I wouldn't fill up all at one time and I could finally see what some of the other food tastes like. I think I'll bring this up at the next fair board meeting.

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