Merry *****mas!

So, if I want to donate toys to "Toys for Tots" so that needy children can have toys on Christmas - the day that we observe the coming of Jesus into the world - I need to make sure that I don't give any gifts that might be taken as too Christian in nature? That's what this article says!

In an effort to not offend the recipients of the Christmas gifts, "Toys for Tots" has decided that a donation of 4,000 Jesus dolls, which quote Bible verses, will not be accepted. Who can blame them? I mean, I wouldn't want to offend someone on a Christian day of observance by actually observing Jesus. They fear that a Muslim or Jew might be offended by the gift. Since when do Muslims and Jews celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ? I'm not trying to be testy here, but it's almost like saying that you can't shoot off fire works on the 4th of July for fear that you will offend someone who doesn't like the idea of war. So I guess these Jesus dolls will now wind up somewhere where needy kids will want them. What if we reprogram the dolls to say "Happy Holidays" instead of Bible verses? Maybe then we'd be politically correct enough.

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