A new disease

Not long ago there was a lot of talk about the disease known as foot and mouth disease. This disease is highly contagious and cows and pigs are especially susceptible to it although humans rarely get it. Even though people aren't likely to get foot and mouth disease, we are especially vulnerable to what is known as "foot in mouth" disease.

James tells us in 1:26 that one of the ways true religion is defined is by a tongue that is under control. In other words, if you are a follower of Jesus then your mouth needs to be in check. All of us would agree that words can do a great amount of damage but too often we hear vitriol coming from the mouths of those who claim to speak for the faith. It seems as if our "evangelical leaders" are constantly being scrutinized because of the ill-advised comments that they make, hence making them lethal carriers of foot in mouth disease. This form of the disease is highly contagious and often the masses will repeat what they have heard, proving that the disease can spread rapidly and indiscriminately. The long-term effects of the disease are not quite known but so far the implications are devestating.

Is there a cure for foot in mouth disease? Yes, there is. Very simply, as a follower of Christ one must guard his tongue so that nothing displeasing or dishonoring to God is spoken. That means that opinions need to be kept in check, criticism needs to be squelched, and moralizing grandstanding must be done away with. Who cares how right you are if your words drip like poison from your tongue, looking to infect the next innocent victim?

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