How Do I Respond to Him?

When I opened my Bible to read today and came upon Psalm 63, the words of this chapter absolutely stopped me in my tracks. The theme of the chapter is "praise to God who satisfies" and it's a combination of not only what God gives to us but how we are to respond to His lavish grace and love.

In a nutshell, in response to God's great love for us, Psalm 63 describes a worthy response:
  • eagerly desire and thirst for Him, to gaze upon Him
  • glorify Him as long as we live with our lips because His love is better than life
  • meditate on Him; rejoice in the shadow of His wings (His protection over us)
  • follow close to Him
This list humbles and challenges me. Too often, I am more concerned about what I want to get from God than what I can give back to Him. All hypocrisy and selfishness aside, how can I not respond to Him with my life when I consider all that He has done and given for me? Why do I wait on the Lord to give me more when I have given to Him so little?

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