Blowing It

Have you ever felt like you've blown it big time with something that you really enjoy doing? I love speaking to people, whether it's students or adults, and I like doing that because I enjoy teaching people. I figure if I believe in something why not take the time to teach it to others? And I'm blessed enough to be able to do it for a living as a pastor.

But tonight, as I spoke to my students, I seemed to drop the ball as a teacher. I tried teaching a theological concept (the atonement) on a level that they could understand, but all I sounded like was a school lecturer. I so badly wanted to paint word pictures for them, to allow them to see this concept as I conceptualize it in my head, but I think it went way over their heads. As a result, I left the youth meeting feeling like I got (or rather God got) too little a return for the effort that was put forth and the students left scratching their heads.

Now I know that this may not constitute "blowing it" as would making a stupid financial decision or violating someone's trust, but to me it is serious because this is an area that God has entrusted to me. There have been times where I have been a slacker with my preparation and haven't given it my all, but with this message I felt like I was well prepared with the information but was ill-equipped in the area of presentation. I'm usually pretty adept at winging it if I haven't done enough thorough preparation but tonight I couldn't seem to shift into that mode.

So, what do I know now that I feel like I've blown it? Actually, this situation has highly motivated me to do better. I want my students and anyone else I teach to understand the Bible in a way that is relevant and applicable to them. So, I am resolved to go back to the drawing board and teach God's Word in a way that I would want it taught to me.

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