Sentenced to Death for Adultery

Two women in Sudan have recently been sentenced to death by stoning after they admitted to having adulterous affairs (click here to read the story). One woman, Saadiayh al-Fadel, who has an 18-month-old dauther, confessed that the child was conceived by another man after her husband deserted her. Both the woman and her child are now being held in a prison in the city of Wad Medani. I have been to Wad Medani and stayed there overnight with a family of Christians. In that city my visit was cut short because the "secret police" did not think it wise for me and my party to stay in the city any longer at the home of known Christians.

The other woman in the story, Umounah Daldoum, also confessed to adultery and she too was convicted and sentenced to die by stoning. What about the men with whom these women commmited adultery with? The man who helped conceive al-Fadel's daughter was brought before the court but he "publicly dissociated himself from the act" and "was acquitted for lack of evidence." In other words, he either denied it or publicly repented and all was forgiven. The man with whom Daldoum committed adultery wasn't even mentioned. The trial for both women was held in Arabic, a language that neither of the women could speak or understand, and the punishment is in line with Muslim Sharia law, a religion that apparently neither of the women follow.

A Sudanese organization against torture and in favor of human rights is acting on behalf of the women, but there is really no telling whether or not they will have any success before the stoning it carried out. It all sounds very barbaric and unfair, but his is par for the course within the religion of Islam. Sure, adultery is sinful, but to punish only party and then with death by stoning is unconscienable. The world needs to know that these kind of things are taking place all over the Muslim world where Sharia law is allowed to be the guiding force for society. Too often women are the unfair victims while men walk away free. And this isn't just some sect of radical Islam - this is representative of Muslims worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of muslims teling me:. "christians have currupted the bible" "They've changed it" "they don't follow it to the letter"...
So when the Qur'an says stone, they stone!
Well, I'm grateful most people here follow the bible in the spirit in which it was written and NOT to the letter.
The worst of it is that these women aren't even muslim. Their situation is a good argument in favor of secular laws everywhere.

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