What happens when abortion fails? (click to read the article)

A woman in Boston sought to have an abortion in April 2004 but the attempt was not done properly. In July of 2004 she went to another doctor who at the time couldn't detect that she was pregnant, even thought her fetus was now 20 weeks old. So, she carried on with her life on the assumption that she wasn't pregnant anymore.

The only problem is that in September of that same year, when she went to the hospital with pelvic pain, she found out that she was still pregnant. In December of 2004 this woman had a baby girl. Now she is suing her doctors because she claimed that she wanted an abortion in the first place because she couldn't afford to raise a child. In her lawsuit, she is suing for damages as well as the costs of raising her child.

This legal case will likely raise lots of eyebrows and so far all of the attention has been on the woman who wanted the abortion and the doctors who failed her. But maybe the attention should be on the fact that pregnancy, if left undeterred, will produce a child every time. There may be many reasons that women want an abortion, but in this case if this woman truly didn't want a child but had one anyway, why isn't adoption an option for her?

Oh, and by the way, her daughter is reported to have no medical problems in spite of attempts to abort her.

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