I've been reading Erwin McManus' new book Soul Cravings and I ran across an entry that really moved me. The entry is #9 in the "Destiny" section and it's called "Oxygen for the Soul."

McManus is writing about hope, and that without it there is no real reason to live. Without hope all we have is despair. When we have hope it's not because we are certain of the future but rather because we see the future as filled with promise. His next paragraph is what I like best:

"Like the promise of a future, hope comes only from something we do not yet have, something we have not yet attained. In other words, how much you have in the world has no bearing on how much hope you have. In actuality, everything you have no longer qualifies as a conduit of hope. Once you have it, it's out of the arena of hope."

Jesus is my hope, not because I don't yet know Him - I do - but He's my hope because of the future that I will have with Him. Because of Jesus, I don't have to live in despair. Life is not perfect, but one day it will be. That is the hope that keeps me going.

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