I love a great deal

I was shopping for some dodge balls at the local Sports Authority store tonight when I ran into what I believe was an incredible deal. First let me say that I was going to shop at the new Dick's Sporting Goods store which has the most unbelievable selection of everything sports you can imagine, but I am a loyal guy and I have always checked out Sports Authority first, so tonight would be no different.

There is line of New Balance running shoes, the 900 series, that I have been checking out for a long time but the price tag is way too high. I have tried to justify just buying a pair but as I age I find that I am actually more responsible that I realize so I have fought off the voice in my head that wants me to be impulsive. That is, until tonight.

As I made my way to the back of the story I purposefully swung by the shoe aisles so that I could gaze at the objects of my affection. I noticed that a salesperson was talking to a customer about the New Balance 992, the luxury sedan of all New Balance shoes (and with a luxury $139 price tag). I sighed audibly as I strolled by and tried to convince myself that one day, when the kids were in college, I would indeed own a pair. That's when I saw the sale rack.

Now you have to understand that the sale rack at a store like Sports Authority is a bit like a rummage sale. You have to really dig and even if you do find a shoe that you like it probably won't be your size. But, as if providence drew me to this one rack, the first rack I came to, there they were, a pair of 991 (not the Lexus like the 992 but more like a nice Toyota) and they were just my size. I glanced at the price tag and I saw this: Original price - $119.99 / Sale price - $29.95. You've got to be kidding me! God was smiling down on me and telling me that He wanted me to have this pair of shoes. I tried them on and they fit. Hallelujah, let the angels and the heavens rejoice!

So now I am wearing my new pair of New Balance 991 running shoes (pictured above) as I type. My wife doesn't know that I have them yet but I'm sure that she will marvel and offer up adulations for my good fortune (and for the fact that I didn't spend 120 bucks on them). I just love a good deal, don't you?

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