If a person dies alone, does anyone hear it?

Check out this article about a woman who died 7 years ago and the police have just now found her remains. You may not find this all that fascinating but consider that this woman was never reported missing by anyone who knew her. And then consider this: She died all alone at home and no one - not her neighbors nor her family members - bothered to check on her to see if she was okay...and they didn't even notice that she had died.

It seems that this woman was all alone and didn't have much in the way of relationships with other people. Her neighbors had not seen her for over 7 years but weren't concerned enough to check on her. Finally, after 7 years of not seeing or hearing from her, a family member called police out of concern and that's when they found her skeletal remains. She even had working power in the home - the electric company even forgot about her!

It doesn't seem possible that something like that can happen in America today when everyone seems to know everyone else's business. But here is an example of a woman who was so alone that she went unnoticed for years, even by her own family members. Being alone is a choice that someone can make for himself, yet leaving that person alone is a choice that we have to live with. How devastating it must feel to be so alone that no one bothers to check on you or simply give you a phone call.

Go ahead, check on your neighbor whom you rarely see or give a call to the elderly gentleman that you know spends most of his time alone. Give that person a reason to smile and let them know that you care about them.

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hannah said...

I love the idea behind Five Sided Coffee. I enjoy coffee and I also love helping people, so I really think it's awesome. I saw the link that Chris Rice had posted on his blog and then I was surprised to find that you're located in NC, my home state. I was also pleased to see that you donated to help a youth group fix homes in Norfolk, VA. I did that through World Changers one summer and that spurred me to go to Kenya the next summer. Awesome idea and I definitely plan to purchase some coffee soon.

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