My wife rocks!

This is a copy of the latest t-shirt that I'll be sporting as soon as it arrives in the mail. It wasn't long ago that I was at a concert and the guitarist for the band that I was watching was wearing a shirt that said "My wife is hot!" across the front. I thought that was one of the coolest things I had ever seen in my life! (I also have a shirt that says "My wife's hot!" that will be arriving shortly as well.)

Why do I think that these shirts are so cool? My whole life I've heard men talk bad about their wives in such a way that you would think marriage is one of the worst things God has ever invented. When men call their wives their "old lady" or their "ball and chain" and when they refer to marriage as "prison" and when they are out with the guys and they call it "being on parole", it just makes me cringe. Marriage is absolutely wonderful and I have never thought of my wife or my marriage in those terms. My wife is my best friend and I love her more and more every day. I happen to think that I am one of the most blessed men on the planet and marriage is a privilege, not a prison, to me. That's why I think it's cool for a husband to rock one of those t-shirts while flashing his wedding band. And that's why I can't wait to wear my shirts for the whole world to see (and my wife does rock and she is hot!).

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