Sit, stand, stay, go, move

The Clash, one of the original punk bands from England, put out a song years ago named "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" I'm not exactly sure why they were asking the question, but for me it is a valid question when it comes to spiritual matters.

What do you do when God puts a vision in your heart and you just can't stay where you are to see it realized? How do you respond when God gives you a burden but it seems that others around you don't seem to share that same burden? Do you stay where you are just to appease others or do you take a huge risk and follow the dream God has given you?

These are hard questions and there aren't any easy answers. There are times in life when God may move so greatly within you that things just can't stay the same. Your first reaction may be just to get up and go whether it be to another ministry of people who share your passion or to another state or country altogether. But is that the right thing to do? Where do we draw the line in what is God's will and what we want and desire? Again, these are hard questions.

If God has ever moved you so much spiritually that you just can't stay where you are, then absolutely you must your knees. Seek God through prayer before making any decision that you can't take back. I don't believe God wants us to settle for mediocrity but He also does not want us to divide His people unnecessarily either. This can be a hard thing to do, especially if you are impatient (like me), but we must remember that it's God's will - not our own - that we are after.

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