Skip Prosser, Wake Forest basketball coach, dead at the age of 56

This afternoon Wake Forest University lost it's head basketball coach as a result of a heart attack. Skip Prosser has been the coach of the Demon Deacons since the 2001-2002 season and has had great success not only with winning on the court but also with helping players make it to the next level.

However, Coach Prosser will be remembered for more than just being a great coach. Prosser cared deeply for his players and, for those that stuck with the program, all were able to graduate on time. He preached academics first and wanted to see his players succeed on and off the court.

Coach Prosser was also a dedicated family man and it was obvious that the relationship he had with his wife Nancy was very special. His youngest son Mark is an assistant coach at Bucknell and his oldest son Scott has some special needs, and seeing first hand the way Skip loved him and kept him close to him was heart warming to say the least.

As a big Wake Forest fan this was a big blow for me. I had the chance to meet Skip on a few occasions and he was as real as it gets. Right now I'm not really thinking basketball but rather about his family and his players whom he so carefully guided well beyond the court. Skip, you will be missed.

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