#4 is looking good!

Kellie and I had our "official" sonogram of baby #4 this morning and everything looks great. It isn't our first sonogram - she's been scanned a couple of times at work and that's how we found out that we are having a girl. But today was "official" in that our doctor took a long time to check out every arm, leg, finger and toe and we got a good look at her head and her face (she looks a little bit like me but don't all bald in utero babies?).

So March 21, 2008, is our due date for this little bundle of goodness. Yeah, it's right in the middle of ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament time, so I told the docs that there would be plenty of chips and sodas in the room when it's time. Who knows, maybe one of the teams on TV might inspire us with a name for this little girl (are Gonzaga or Pepperdine suitable names?).

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