Blue toilet water, seafood, and self-portraits

Not long ago I put a blue cleaning disc in the tank of the toilet in "my" bathroom. "My" bathroom is different than Kellie's bathroom because "my" bathroom is much smaller and the shower in it is a really small stand-up stall that you can barely turn around in. Kellie's bathroom has the bathtub shower and is much bigger, so it's hers and I get the small one. I'm okay with that.

We are on well water and sometimes it smells funny. It is also hard water, which means it has more minerals and stuff in it than regular city water. It also tends to leave water stains which I think are really gross and makes me a little embarrassed because I don't want people to think that we don't clean our stuff. So I put the blue disc in and now my water smells fine and it is a nice shade of royal blue.

Reynolds came into the kitchen last night after supper with a look of real concern on her face. Something was obviously bothering her. Before we could inquire what was wrong, she looked at us and asked, "How long is it gonna be like that?" How long was what gonna be like that, we asked. " The water!" she exclaimed. "It's been blue for like 800 days and I want it to go back to normal again. Make it go back!"

I'm not really sure why this bothered her and I don't think I really want to know, but I assured her that the water would not remain that shade of blue for forever. She wasn't completely satisfied with that answer but she got over it. I don't know that I'll ever understand the questions that kids ask.

Then there's my son Deacon. Picky doesn't really
begin to adequately describe his eating habits. I realize that I can't feed him hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and raisins his whole life, but there are times when nothing seems to work.

Last night we splurged a little and bought some fresh bay scallops and salmon steaks. I sauteed the scallops in olive oil and a lime marinade and we baked the salmon. As usual, Deacon finished what we had for him and wanted more. So, I cut a piece of a scallop and put it in his mouth, fully expecting him to spit it on the floor. But he loved it! In fact, he couldn't get enough of them. I fed him a healthy portion of them and hope that we don't find a big surprise later on today when it's time for him to go. And if he does go and it's in the blue water, then Reynolds will have yet one more thing to talk about.

One more thing. My daughter Chandler colored this self-portrait at school the
other day and I had to show it off. Not bad for a first-grader, huh?

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