Getting divorced is easy?

I want you to click on this link, look at the page that comes up, and then finish reading this blog. Can you believe that this type of junk is on the internet? Actually, I can believe that this type of junk is on the internet and it just saddens me all the more.

Divorce via internet? At first I thought this was joke when it came up a few weeks ago as a pop up window. I bookmarked the page so I could read it later and when I did, I found that it was absolutely real. Now there are lots of ways that the internet has made relationships - especially marital relationships - seem almost artificial. I mean, you can almost purchase a foreign wife online and the dating services are a dime a dozen. And now just as quickly as you can click-a-mate you can now divorce-a-mate with just few clicks of your mouse.

Some of you may read this and believe that divorce is an inevitable event that happens to some marriages and please know that I am not casting rocks at those of you have are in the midst of or have gone through a painful divorce. But c'mon, you have to admit that providing the proper documents to get the ball rolling online is a bit over the top, don't you think?

I remember having a class in college called Marriage and the Family and in that class we spent a lot of time debating family issues. A hot topic was always divorce and I was struck at what seemed to be such a willingness of my fellow students to accept failure as a viable option in their future marriages. It was as if marriage was like buying a car for many of them. Eventually, the car and the marriage will get too many miles on it and it will be time for a new one. And now both solutions can be easily obtained online.

It's sad to me how many couples just don't seem to want to invest in the hard work that it takes to make a marriage work. Ultimately, if God is not the center of our marriages then success will be a lot harder to achieve. Yet even Godly couples will opt for a quick "out" of a situation that suddenly doesn't have the appeal or the draw that it used to have. Marriage is hard work and some days and weeks and years are better than others. But isn't it worth it?

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