It's a...

boy!!! Yes, Kellie and I are expecting #4 and we just found out yesterday that we are having a boy. He will be joining older sisters Chandler and Reynolds and big brother Deacon (and no, we aren't naming this one Wolfpack, Tar Heel, or Blue Devil).

This pregnancy is something that God wanted all along. I had my "procedure" at the beginning of August and we found out the very next week that we were 8 weeks pregnant. Surprise, surprise! But what a blessing and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Kellie and I are currently taking suggestions on a name for this new little guy. As you can tell, we like names that are unique but also full of meaning. So tell us what you think!


Blake said...

Sterl, Hey man. Congrats on giving Deacon a little help going against his big sisters.
Here are some names that could work:
1. West Forsyth (double name as a rival to Reynolds. This is a joke. Please do not name your son, West Forsyth)
2. Titan (This would actually be a sweet name for a dude)
3. Echo (I like this name for a guy and with your love of music, it's kind of cool. You could continue down this road with things like Reverb, Stereo, Amp, etc.)
4. Buster
5. Riggs Griggs (He could be a newscaster)
6. Verbal
7. Blaze
8. Slade

I think it's cool that you are soliciting ideas.

Sterling Griggs said...

Riggs Griggs could be like Neil McNeil on Fox. Never could figure out why parents do that to their kids.

Thanks for the inspiring list. It definitely motivates me to come up with a good name.

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