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I love music, especially when it's live. Actually, let me clarify that. There is some music that, even it's live right in my backyard, isn't worth 2 cents. But for the most part, I can really begin to appreciate an artist when I hear him or her live.

This past Sunday me and some other youth guys brought in a couple of guys to the Yadkin Co. Park for a concert in the park. First we had Brandon Heath and he was followed up by the Robbie Seay Band. I am familiar with both artists but to be honest, I haven't been a real big follower of their
music. That being said, both Brandon and Robbie now have a new fan.

Just like with the band Fighting Instinct, the quality of these guys goes well beyond their music. They show up together in a conversion van that's pulling this massive trailer and when they hop out you aren't sure if this is the roadies here to set up or if it's the groups themselves. Sure enough, it's Brandon and Robbie and the band absent of any pretense or hype. Right away they just start hanging out and one is immediately struck with their realness. We talked about coffee, Uganda, and our kids (that is Robbie's kids and my kids...Brandon is still single and kidless) among other things. And then the hung out with everyone else. Very, very cool.

Brandon played several songs to start and then the Robbie Seay Band played until the sun was well set. The day in the park couldn't have been anymore perfect and the chill in the air at dusk just added to the ambiance. The mood was mellow and casual and the only thing I enjoyed more than the music was watching my 15-month old son stroll up to random people - some I knew and some I didn't know - where he would check out the food they were eating or just snoop at their stuff. There were songs that told stories and songs that lifted our hearts in worship. It was one of those nights where if you fell asleep right there it would have been perfectly cool.

Anyway, if you aren't familiar with Brandon Heath or Robbie Seay you need to check them out. They are touring together right now and Robbie's band is serving as Brandon's band when he performs. There's a lot of great music out there and hopefully I've helped you find a little bit more.

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