Or maybe it's a...

girl! Upon further review the call on the field has been reversed. Looks like the docs got it wrong the first go round. The anatomical part that made this baby look like a boy was apparently the cord and now we're looking at having a girl, our third daughter.

But hey, having girls is lots of fun and it just gives Deacon more protection duties when he gets older, especially with this one since she'll be younger. And the name game continues although this time let's come up with some feminine names.


Blake said...

Quite the switcharooski. Girl names are tougher in my opinion. Here are a few that might be cool for your daughter.
1. Price
2. Tziporah or Zipporah
3. Eleanor
4. Emerson
5. Adelaide
6. Lucy

I read on Freakonomics that there are actually naming agencies out there. You can pay $400-500 to have someone come up with a fitting name for your kid. They make sure it's Googleable and has only positive connotations and connections, etc. Amazing what people will pay for.

Big game tonight for the Deacs. Potential season-maker if you ask me.

Sterling Griggs said...

Emerson is cool. My wife likes Eleanor but I think it sounds too old.

Big, big game tonight. I'll look for you there.

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