Check out my friend's bold challenge

A good friend of mine, Toby Toburen, is a pastor in Sumter, SC. He is surrounded by fans of such football programs as USC and Clemson, so he decided to place a friendly wager on this weekend's Wake Forest/Clemson football game in Death Valley.

If Wake wins, then any Clemson fan will have to wear black and gold colors to their church service the next day. If Clemson wins, then Toby and any other Wake fan will wear Clemson orange the next day.

So far he hasn't had a lot of Clemson fans take him up on his offer. I believe it's because Clemson is terrified of Wake Forest, although they would never admit it. Go check out Toby's blog and get in on the discussion and smack talk. And take the bet if you think you are tough enough.


Neil said...

hmmmm... so how'd that end up working for ya?

Sterling Griggs said...

Dude, that is so wrong on so many levels.

My team got smoked like a cheap cigar and I don't even think it was as close as the score indicated.

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