I love food

This is a picture of the freezer in my basement. It's filled with all sorts of meats and vegetables that Kellie and I purchased from Southern Foods, a food distributor for the southeast. We met with a representative a few weeks ago, made a selection of the foods that we wanted to eat, and then they delivered six months worth of meats and produce and even loaded the freezer for us.

Why did we choose to go this route? For one, it will save us money in the future. No more extra trips to the store for hamburger meat or chicken or corn on the cob. Also, their food is prepared in way that is healthy and chemical free. There are no steroids or growth hormones in their meats and every cut meat is vacuum sealed and frozen fresh in a "super freezer" that freezes it in 7 minutes, thus no freezer burn (or they'll replace it). Southern Foods supplies meats to such restaurants as Village Tavern and Cities Grill, so you know it's good stuff.

One more reason we decided to use this option is because we simply want to be healthier. Cooking can take up a lot of time and it's just so easy to run out to the burger joint to pick up supper, but it's also incredibly unhealthy too. Kellie and I have been committed to cooking more meals at home for a few months now and we have really enjoyed trying some new things as well as the bonus time we get to spend together in the kitchen. Plus, our kids are eating better than ever and I feel good about that.

I'm not an advocate against eating out - I still eat out on occasion - but there is something to be said about cooking at home and taking care of your family in the process. Check out Southern Foods or another food distributor and see what they have to offer. We owe it to our families and we owe it to God to take better care of ourselves. Oh, and if want, come on over and I'll drop a steak on the grill for you.

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Lynda said...

Do you still love Southern Foods? Is everything going well with the deliveries?

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