A little bit of a scare, but God is good

This past Wednesday night (Oct. 30) Kellie began having contractions. Normally, parents-to-be would be thrilled that the process of having a baby has begun, but in our case we were less than enthusiastic. Not quite at 20 weeks pregnant, we knew that this early labor would not have a happy outcome if it wasn't stopped.

The past couple of days Kellie has been at Forsyth Medical Center on a Magnesium Sulfate drip and, praise God, it has worked its magic. As of early this morning her contractions were gone and the hospital staff was weaning her off of the medicine. She is groggy and tired and will probably be on bed rest for a little while, but at least the worst part seems to be over.

Hopefully we can go home today and she can rest in her own house. For all of you that knew of our situation and prayed for us, I can't thank you enough. Your prayers have been a great comfort to my family. And if you live close by and want to drop in on us, please do (or give us a call, either way).

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Neil said...

Glad to read that all is well. I will inform Amy and we'll defineately keep you guys in our prayers.

Thanks for being the 1 person that reads my blog... hahaha.

By the way... how about that beach house fire down at Ocean Isle?? Wonder where it was in relation to where we stayed?

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