After two stays in the hospital for early contractions and then early labor, Kellie has been ordered out of work and off her feet for the remainder of her pregnancy. With her due date in March, this is a long, long time to have to comply with the doctor's orders.

Let me be honest: my wife is having a tough time with this and I can completely understand why. None of us want to just sit around and do nothing. Sure it's nice to have an afternoon to put your feet up and relax, but doing it every day would drive most people crazy. Ask the average inmate how much he/she enjoys all of that dead time and I'm sure many would agree that it stinks.

Every Monday we will go to see her OB doctor and he will check her and make sure that she and our little baby girl is okay. We daydream that he'll also tell her that she can resume her normal activities and that this bedrest idea is just a waste of time, but both of us know that this isn't going to happen.

Many people have asked me what it's like to have my wife in this situation with three kids ages 6 and under in the house. "Aren't you tired?" they ask. Sure, Kellie and I both are a little bit tired but probably no more than usual. What's toughest is trying to be patient and allow time to pass so that we can have a successful delivery. Kellie has been using this time to read books, play lots of Sudoku (she's addicted now), watch The Learning Channel (she just can't seem to get away from all of those baby shows), and she has had lots of time to spend with God.

In a way, all of this is kind of a blessing. Kellie is finally able to slow down a little bit and as for the patience that she and I both have prayed for, God is giving us the opportunity to use it. The saying that I've heard many pastors say is true: Be careful if you pray for patience because God will put you in situations where you will have to use it (whether you have any or not).

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