This just doesn't upset me

The writers in Hollywood are on strike (click here to read about it) and that means that shows like Desperate Housewives, Carpoolers, Two and a Half Men, and Big Bang Theory, just to name a few, will not be able to move forward with production. While I can honestly say that I have not watched an episode of any of the above mentioned sitcoms, just based upon the commercials and the "water cooler" type talk that I've heard about them then I have no problem that these shows are off the airwaves. Actually, the reality is that the networks will show reruns of these shows but at least it will be rehashed trash and not the new stuff.

This may sound really critical of me, but I honestly believe that TV shows have gotten entirely out of control. Grey's Anatomy is a favorite of many people that I know, but I just don't get how people can get so excited (especially Christians) of a plot line that features a married doctor finally having sex with his co-worker doctor while still maintaining the image of a happy marriage. Why do we cheer for these characters when the very things that they are doing on screen are the same realities that are wrecking the lives of people we all know and love?

I've looked at different articles and I don't know the details of what the writers are seeking in terms of monetary concessions, but I just don't get the sense that these men and women are taking home pocket change for the work they are doing. Entertainment is big business - and actors and talk show hosts are lavishly paid - which is why I just don't think many in the film and TV industry are quite in touch with reality on all of this.

The average American flips on the TV to be entertained, and if their favorite show goes off the air they will just find another one. For a guy like me who really enjoys television, it would really impress me if the writers and producers would be a little more clever with their scripts instead of constantly using twisted sexual scenarios to gain their audience. So while many are bemoaning the loss of their favorite prime time shows, it will give others an opportunity to switch on ESPN and catch another ballgame.

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