Just the other day a phone call came in to our church from a single mother of 2 teenage boys. Although she has a job, it's just not enough for her to be able to provide some things that her boys need and want for Christmas. Her call is just one of many that we receive and it's not just at Christmas; it's all year.

There is another family in our community that is in a deep state of crisis. Neither parent has a job right now and they have 3 small children, the oldest being in 1st grade. Kellie and I do what we can to help them out, yet our hearts break when we hear their story. It seems that they are very good at blaming others for their problems and personal responsibility never seems to come into play. I hurt for their kids.

Why is there so much need in our world? Kids need the latest toy or game system (Wii, anyone?) at Christmas. The businessman needs a better paying job. A wife needs her husband to be more responsible around the home. A man needs to find a job to support his wife and kids, but first he really needs a pack of smokes. We need politicians who will truly represent our needs and not their wants.

In Matthew 6:33 Jesus tells us to seek first God's kingdom and righteousness and then all of these things - are daily, basic needs - will be added to us. Jesus goes on to tell us not to worry about tomorrow or about the things we don't have. What Jesus is telling the world is this: "What you really need is Me. Sure, you need food, clothing, and a roof over your head, but I'll give that to you if you just trust Me first. Don't come calling on Me only when I am your last option. I want to be your first option, your basic need. If you seek after me with all that you have then I guarantee that I will provide for your needs."

All that we really need is Jesus. What a beautiful promise He gives to us in Matthew 6:33! Yet I know from experience and many of you do as well that seeking after other things before Jesus just makes our list of needs grow even longer. But if Jesus isn't all that we want, then He won't be all that we believe we need.

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