Quiet Time

Most mornings I attempt to wake up a little early and have some time alone with God before the kids wake up. I say "most" because there are just some mornings where it doesn't happen and that quiet time has to happen sometime later in the day.

After I get dressed I put on a pot of delicious Five Sided Coffee and step outside to grab the paper. That usually gives me anywhere from 20-30 minutes before the house gets crazy. Today started much the same way but my quiet time ended up much differently.

I had barely gotten moving this morning when both the girls were up. Instead of going to turn on cartoons they wanted to cuddle a little bit on the couch in the playroom. As I sat with them they were chattering away about their upcoming day, their dreams, and what they wanted to eat when they got in from school.

As I sat there with them I started to worry a little bit; I wasn't going to be able to get in that special time in the morning that I usually do. Then it hit me: I was already in the midst of that special time. So as I sat there with my girls I lifted each one of them up in prayer. Then, I prayed for the rest of my family and praised God for how incredibly blessed I am. I'm not sure how long I sat there with my girls but I'm sure it wasn't long enough. But it was without a doubt one of my more meaningful quiet times in recent memory.

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Gabe said...

Dang man the blog looks good. Check out the site I emailed you, I'm playing catch up with your posts since I haven't been able to be online for the past 2 weeks because of finals.


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