As a die-hard Wake Forest fan, I've enjoyed more than my fair share of disappointments with some of our athletic teams. Our football team has been a great source of joy for me in the past two seasons, but our basketball team has struggled as of late. Last night, the Deacs played at Clemson and missed some valuable opportunities at the end to win the game. In the end, we lost to the Tigers in overtime in a game that was hard fought and up in the air until the very end.

This is where things get ugly. I am a Wake Forest message board guy who likes to read up on the Deacs and add comments whenever I have something to say. On the board last night, the vitriol that I read about some of our players made my skin crawl. Grown men - most of whom never played competitive ball and sit shielded in anonymity behind a computer screen - we calling for some of our players to leave the program and they even offered to buy one a one-way plane ticket home.

These are the same fans that will sing praise of certain players after a big win. After a loss like last night, watch out! They are quick to want to trade in the players we have for better ones.

This fickleness bothers me and none of us are immune at times. Consider God's people. When Moses was leading God's people out of Egypt they complained even after God had delivered them by the miraculous. When Joshua was leading the conquest of the Promised Land, God spoke directly to him and told him what to do. Yet the people still disobeyed (Achan taking spoil that belonged to God; their alliance with Gibeon without consulting God first).

And then there's us. We are quick to blame and question God when unfortunate events occur in life yet then we turn around and sing praise songs to Him about His goodness. So which one is it? Is God good, or is to blame for all of the bad. How fickle we can be with God!

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