The man (and mom) of the house

With my wife being relegated to a hospital bed for at least the next couple of weeks with early labor, things around the Griggs' house have become a lot more challenging. Kellie and I work as a team with our kids and our house so when one of us is gone it makes the job all that more crazy.

Fortunately for us, we are both committed to raising our kids together, not apart. What I mean is, I don't come in from work and do "my thing" while my wife spends all of her time with our kids. Sure, I get out and do things that I want to do but so does my wife. Whether it's bath time, laundry, cooking, cleaning the house - whatever - we share the load. Our marriage is not 50/50 - it's 100/100. With my wife not here it's definitely more difficult to get these things done, but they do get done because I have already been doing them.

Now I don't write all of this to brag on myself or be arrogant. This is the example that my dad set out for me and in my opinion it's normal for the man the help out around the house whether his wife works outside the home or not. What bothers me is that many men live as if their role is to provide income for their family and nothing else. Their wives are with the kids 24/7 and on weekends, after a hard week at week, the men go and play golf all day.

If these kind of men were in my situation right now with their wives unavailable, I wonder what they would do? Would they hire a maid or a nanny to do the things that they have no clue how to do? Would they call Aunt Gertrude in desperation to help bail them out? Or would they "man up" and take care of what is theirs, namely family and home?


Anonymous said...

All this and you find time to lead a retreat. I look forward to seeing you if I can go on the trip.

Sterling Griggs said...

The retreat will only be a success if you are there. Where are you now Allen?

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