More of the same

Having already had 3 kids and expecting our fourth, one would think that this whole pregnancy thing would be old hat, right? Well, as many of you may know, Kellie has had some complications with early labor in this pregnancy which have resulted in two previous hospital stays. As of last night, you can make that three hospital stays.

During our doctor's visit yesterday we found out that she was in labor yet again. Of course, she knew she was contracting but her body was definitely farther along with it than either of us thought. So, we headed straight to the hospital. Once we got here Kellie was bummed that we didn't stop at Arby's on the way, but at least I brought her some McDonald's hotcakes this morning.

The baby looks fine and the ultrasound revealed that our little girl weighs 2 lbs. 7 oz. and we are 29 weeks along. Our goal is to get to 34 weeks and see our baby gain another pound or two, but we know that God has all of this in control even when we don't.

Hopefully the next time I blog about baby stuff it will be to show off pictures of our newborn baby girl. She's got 2 big sisters and one big brother who are ready to meet her (and are ready to have their mommy home). Feel free to give a call or an email or leave a comment. All the prayers and encouragement are more than welcome.

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