For the life of me I just can't seem to figure politics and politicians out. Every answer during every debate seems canned and the "I've worked hard for 20 years to do this or that" is so tiring.

I will admit that I am a conservative and, that being the case, I just don't see myself voting for the Democrat nominee. The only problem I have is that I'm not too crazy about the Republicans who are vying for the spot either.

If I had to throw my hat in the ring it would be with Fred Thompson, but whether the media is right or not (and I stand by the fact that I believe they are biased) Thompson just doesn't seem to be too much in the mix right now.

When it comes to the issues I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I don't know that I've seen a candidate that espouses all that I hold true. Beyond the moral issues, which the Democrats fails me on, I want to see some social issues addressed, and my of the Republicans fail me there too.

There have been whisperings over the past several years of a new party rising from the dust that will bring together all of the values that many believe the Democrats and Republicans have swung and missed on, yet I don't know that this will ever happen or could happen.

What I would like to see is the conservatives come back to being conservative again. And I'm not talking radical right-wing stuff either. I'm talking about smaller government, lower taxes, and ideas that don't create dependency on government but rather self-sufficiency. I'm free to dream, right?


Chris Griggs said...

Let me suggest the Candidate Calculator. Try it out here: http://www.vajoe.com/candidate_calculator.html

Takes about 30 seconds, and then you will put your mind at ease.

Sterling Griggs said...
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Sterling Griggs said...

I tried a different one the other day and it had me closest aligned the McCain. This one has me totally aligned with Huckabee.

I think both are a bit misleading and vague. This one didn't ask about raising taxes, just fair taxes (Huck has raised them). And, if you put not sure then I don't it takes it into consideration.

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